Why Employees Leave

Why Employees Leave

People rarely leave the job, they usually leave their boss! You’ve heard the stories … boss belittles staff, boss puts unrelenting pressure on an individual, or the boss micromanages. Regardless, it just shows that if we change the way leaders lead then there will be fewer people leaving an organization.

Communication is key. Leaders communicate foremost by being honest. With being honest one gains trust… And, with being trusted it puts one on a whole new plane. With trust being placed upon us, it forces us to recognize our values and live a more ethical life.

After all, Rosie came to you because she wasn’t happy at her previous job. She had been there in different departments and was seen as a rising star. Then abruptly she was on the hot seat. She found a new job – your organization where she felt she would be heard. You see, her problem started at the last place when she offered her opinion – something that had been seen as a positive in other departments. Not this one!

So, to keep employees we look at our own behaviours and consider:

  • Consider what you want from your staff rather than what you don’t want – this tends to put you in a whole different frame of mind
  • When giving directions ask for them to be repeated, as in, “I’m not sure I explained that well, can you please repeat the steps to see what I may have missed?” By taking the onus back on yourself you are developing the trust that so many are missing in today’s workplace because often the fingers are pointed at them without remembering that a digit pointed outwards leaves 3 digits pointing back at ourselves
  • Apologize when you mess up – it shows others they can make a mistake as well and survive (although it’s never fun to admit making a mistake I have found over the years that it helps others see me as human and as caring – it opens up a whole new world to people who fear making mistakes)
  • When others apologize for an error thank them for their honesty in coming forward
  • Connecting with each employee everyday – it may be a wave, a friendly smile, a positive comment, a small gift such as a coffee
  • Speaking with each employee to provide positive reinforcement about what he or she is doing right
  • Ask their opinion on something they are working on and listen to the response – provide feedback if it is appropriate
  • As an organization or a department participate in events that matter to those on staff – not sure what that is – easy peasy – ASK for their input and then choose one of those groups to become involved in and support

If you want to retain your personnel, then look at your own behaviour first! This is where it all starts.

Rosie loves her new company, her new boss and her new position – mainly because they listen to her inputs – whether it is about a project at hand or the competition. Remember, we all want to be heard, to feel we are contributing to our organization and to be respected for the role we are filling.

What do you love about your job?

Today, when we are hopefully recovering from COVID-19 we need to be even more diligent about how we treat each other. That remains true even at work.

Sherry’s CORNER

Life, we certainly are experiencing it these days! Post COVID is what we expected and now we are not so sure as so many places, including my province are seeing positive numbers of the virus growing. People are tired of being cooped up inside their homes, it’s summer and it’s hot. So what do we do – we go out, mingle with others within the 2 meter distancing and add to the pandemic.

I am sure you, dear readers, are not part of this group. What are you doing to stay safe (even if mingling) and not pass on any unwanted bacteria to others? How are you protecting others as well as yourself?

Please email me at sherry@dimension11.com.

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