So many employers are telling me about staff, yes, younger staff, that feel it is the employer’s job to build their career. Not so! However, let’s look at Jeremy.

Jeremy wonders when he will get his next promotion. Not an unusual request – it’s just that he has been at his workplace for 3 months now. You guessed it, he is younger.

One of the things our new, younger employees want to know is what is the trajectory of their growth with the organization. The challenge is, that this is foreign to many employers – the older generations never needed anyone to guide their career. They knew it was their responsibility.

So, why the difference? Remember, we are talking about a generation here where mom and dad guided every waking moment – from brushing teeth, to driving to and from school and being involved in what goes on in the classroom and at soccer practice. This is not the world many employers grew up in and so it’s strange to them.

New employees, if you are looking to someone else to organize your career here is what you can expect:

  • Employers may guide you in the fields they need
  • Many employers do not understand the plethora of new fields that will be the norm in the future
  • Not everyone will take into account your passions or your strengths

That’s a few things to consider!

As an employer, you might want to change some of your past approaches. This is a new generation that has different needs than others. You might consider:

  • Instruct HR or whomever is hiring to explore the aspirations of this new hire
  • Having each manager sit with a new employee to create a career path so the manager and the employee know where the path may lead
  • Ensure the timelines to reach these various goals are reasonable on both sides
  • Provide the training required to help the employee learn the skills needed so he or she can be promoted
  • Ensure there is someone trained to fill the vacancy when the employee moves on

The truth – it’s no one person’s job! It is a combination of the young person knowing where they want to go and the employer’s ability to support them on their journey. If you are just starting out on your life’s journey consider the following:

  • Know what you love to do
  • Talk to people and explore the internet to understand what fields are projected to be important avenues in the future
  • See how this might fit with what you like to do
  • Take additional training outside the workplace to enhance your knowledge
  • Be the person who volunteers to take on new projects so you are noticed
  • Be on time, work hard and bring new ideas to your employer
  • Ask how you can be of assistance
  • Share your goals with your boss and ask for help in plotting a path towards this end in the company and job you presently hold – it may only be one step closer to your goal and then you look at the next step

Today the average person is looking at 5 to 7 careers – minimum. Yes, you read it right – not jobs, careers. Start somewhere, continue the journey to reach your ultimate goal. Most employers are glad to help you towards that goal – however, it is you who must know where you want to go and realize there is a path that takes time, experience and education to get there.

Rarely does it happen overnight. Learn this one thing and you will find yourself possibly getting more support from your employer than you ever thought possible.

Enjoy the journey – after all, one’s work life today may span a period of 30 to 40 and yes, even 50 years! Jeremy is on his path now that he understands it is his job to plot his path!

Sherry’s CORNER

Lately I’ve noticed many individuals are struggling with self-esteem and confidence. This is such an inner job and yet we can help people build their self-esteem and their confidence by being kind and by making positive comments to them whether it is about their personal attributes or the things they do.

I am curious, do you tell people the good things about them or hold it back? I ask because, I think, if we all found a way to support others positively, we may not see so many people struggling with this.

Your thoughts please. Just email me at sherry@dimension11.com.

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