Who Wants to go Back to Work?

Who Wants to go Back to Work?

It’s decision time! Shelley can’t wait to get out of the house and go back to work – someplace where there is peace and quiet. It has been tough working from home with the kids to look after, and homeschooling too, work to do, the dog to walk, parents to worry about. You name it, Shelley felt overwhelmed and going back to the workplace would be wonderful.

And then there’s Jason! He loves working from home and really dreads going back to the workplace. He’s been able to stay up late, get up even later, wear his sweats all day long and work from wherever he wanted to in his own home.

Some have lost their jobs and have nothing to return to… This world-wide pandemic has caused such chaos!

It’s the overwhelm, the depression, the isolation, the fear of getting sick. None of these things make life any easier. Add to this the fact lockdowns are lifting and businesses are slowly going to ramp up – some will ask staff to return and others will ask their staff to continue to work from home.

If you are returning to your workplace, there are some things that might help your return:

  • Mindset is critical – focus on the positives of returning to work – it will probably be an easy task for Shelley, not so much for Jason
    If possible, go in a day earlier than your start date to reorient yourself to your work space
  • Dress in your work clothes – better yet, dress better than that because dressing up usually makes us feel better
  • Take things to clean your space in case your employer has not done that for you – for those who are environmentally conscious, try vinegar, it is a great cleaner
  • Ask your leader what the protocols are for the organization so you and your co-workers are safe on everyone’s return to work
  • On the first day back, you may want to take a treat to share with your co-workers
  • Be sure to take a few personal things to surround yourself with – they will help you feel more comfortable in the space you vacated such a long time ago
  • Seek out your co-workers and find out how they have managed through the pandemic – there will be many stories to tell and hear
    Story telling brings a feeling of collegiality which allows your whole team to come together after the difficult months you have all been through
  • Each day find something to feel gratitude for – the world returning to a new normal, your family, a sunrise, a sunset, good health, a kind word – the possibilities are endless and they keep you in a more positive frame of mind

Returning to the workplace may be a blessing or a curse depending on your attitude. There isn’t a right or a wrong. Shelley and Jason each had different opinions and yet they both did the same thing.

How you approach the next few months is your choice. How do you choose to handle it?

Sherry’s CORNER

Do you get frustrated because you’ve been home and yet it seems you still aren’t getting things done! Going back to work and anxious because you’ll need to get back into some kind of routine?

Next month we’ll start the FREE Become an UnstoppABLE Time Warrior Challenge. If you want to get more done in a day than some do in a week join us. You’ll get tips and tools to help you accomplish more in your day.

Join us – just watch for the information.

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