When Henry was a child, he wanted to be a fireman! He loved the Dalmatian that rode on the firetrucks he saw in the movies. And whenever one went by the family car as dad pulled over to the side of the road, he would see the red go by with the sirens wailing and … He knew he wanted to help people who were in trouble!

What did you want to be way back then? Do you remember? Most of us do and yet not all of us end up in the roles we saw ourselves in at that early age. Regardless, it was those early age thoughts that started us on a path. Even when you finished high school, or even college/university/trade school, we didn’t always know what we wanted to do.

It’s not really necessary that you knew what you wanted to be. Yup, that’s true! Yet, if you can give some thought to what you want to be from this day forward it gives you something to work towards.

It’s not that difficult really and, of course, you can always change your mind!

Take out a piece of paper and think about your future. What is it that you are passionate about – what would be the best work you could see yourself doing in 5 years? Why 5 years you ask? Well, depending on what it is you see yourself doing, you may need to go to school, get experience, set up a business or many of the other myriad things that go along with planning a future.

Let’s look at some basic steps to building the future you want:

  • Know what you are passionate about
  • Now, consider whether this is something you can see yourself engaged in 5 years from now
  • Consider what the world needs and does this fit with what you are passionate about
  • Understand what you are really good at – seeking serious, truly honest opinions goes a long way
  • Does this match with what you are passionate about in your life
    Find out if there is schooling needed before you can be at the level you desire
  • Understand if there is hands-on experience required to get to the level you want
  • Money is often important – what amount are you earning in 5 years’ time
  • Does your passion, your vocation and the $$$ desired make sense
    If the three don’t match, then one of them needs to change – a different passion, a different vocation or the acceptance of a different income – your choice
  • List what you will do in each of the 5 years between now and then so you are doing what you want in 5 years’ time
  • Every day do one thing towards your 5-year plan

Have you considered owning your own business? With the internet this is a more viable alternative than ever before. Depending on whether you choose a brick and mortar business or something online, you get to choose how you will conduct business these days.

If your passion and what you’re good at is towards starting your own business here are a few things to consider:

  • Brick and mortar or online
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each, and which option is more suitable to your line of work
  • Decide whether you want to incorporate or be a sole proprietor – talk to an accountant
  • Understand the amount of energy, resources (especially time) required – are you up for it
  • Business ownership often comes with risk, so it is important to establish your level of comfort at risk taking and build your business strategy around this carefully
  • Follow the similar layout for getting to where you want to be in 5 years’ time

No one can plan your future better than you. The challenge is that so often we simply walk through life without seeing the end goal. Make a decision, put a stake in the ground and then go after it! And, if you decide tomorrow this isn’t for you, then change direction and create a new life in the next 5 years.

Your choice – just make it – happen to life, don’t let life happen to you!

Sherry’s CORNER

COVID-19 means taking extra precautions. Recently I conducted a workshop for Visions North Community Futures. They did an amazing job of keeping everyone safe – masks, personal sanitizer, gloves for each attendee, spacing between individuals, distanced washroom stalls, snacks and lunch all individually wrapped so no one would touch the food of someone else, cutlery and napkins all bagged.

Keeping safe as the second wave is upon us is the responsibility of us all. What are you doing individually or in your organization to keep you and others safe?

Please email me at sherry@dimension11.com.

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