The Power of Systems

The Power of Systems

Columbus gets up in the morning, has a big stretch, saunters to his litter box, takes time to groom himself, and then wanders into the kitchen for his breakfast and a drink of water.

Columbus is our cat, and just like humans, he and all animals have a system to get things done.

Think about it:


You get in the car intending to head over to your favorite store, and you end up in front of the office. Ugh! It’s Saturday, your day off, and still, your mind takes you to the office! That’s because there is a system in your brain. Systems can sometimes create challenges for us, yet they also save us so much time. When things are in place, we don’t have to really think about it; we just automatically do it. Yes, it saves time!



You’ve got systems in place.


The question is, are they the right systems? It’s one thing to remember to always put your keys in the same place. It’s quite another to use systems to enhance the rest of your life and your workday.

Let’s look at some sound systems that could benefit you:

  • Meditation to enhance your brain and your ability to face challenges more easily
  • Regular yearly visits to your doctor and dentist to ensure good health
  • Yearly eye check ups
    Set time aside daily or weekly to read to keep you informed – newspapers, magazines, books
  • Look at your income regularly to ensure accuracy if you are paid by an employer
  • Keep track of the amount that goes into and comes out of your bank account monthly
  • Track all expenses on a monthly basis – phone, internet, TV, food, rent/mortgage, heat, light, water, groceries, eating out, entertainment, car, insurance, medical, grooming, clothing

Now let's look at business:

  • How are your phones answered
  • What are the monthly expenses – tracked in a spreadsheet
  • The customer is always right (in his or her mind) – does everyone have the system as to how to treat unhappy customers
  • Are the doors to your brick-and-mortar store opened and closed on time
  • Is your marketing consistently sent out
    Are you asking your clients for referrals every
  • Are you backing up your computer data regularly

Sherry's Corner

Seeing as we are talking about systems today, I wonder about your thoughts on what’s happening in the grocery stores. When I look at the prices in the stores, I see them going up and up and up. I know in our household I plan meals based on what seems to be reasonably priced and sometimes based on what’s on sale.
Have you changed how you are shopping? Do you shop in more stores now than you did in the past to find the best pricing? I’ve often wondered if it’s worth saving a few dollars based on the cost of fuel these days. Any thoughts on this?
Please share your thoughts with me by emailing me at

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”
W. Edwards Deming

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The Power of Systems

Columbus gets up in the morning, has a big stretch, saunters to his litter box, takes time to groom himself, and then wanders into the kitchen for his breakfast and a drink of water. Columbus

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