The Changing Face of Work

The Changing Face of Work

As Saskatchewan moves back towards businesses opening up after COVID-19 we are conscious that the world of work may look different than it looked before the pandemic. Prior to early 2020 people like Gay got up each morning, did their ablutions, had breakfast and headed off to work.

In Phase 4 when most businesses will again be able to function, it will be different than before. Gay is now used to working from home and may be able to continue to work this way, others won’t.

How we will cope with the unforeseen future is still a bit of a mystery. For most it will be trial and error as we begin to find the new normal. Each day, as people earnestly look for the best way move forward there will be successes and failures.

A few things to consider as we all return to work:

  • It’s a whole new world now – give everyone some slack – count to the proverbial 10 before you remind someone of what they might be doing wrong
  • Start each day with a brief meeting (5 to 10 minutes) so everyone is on the same page for the day
  • Some may wish to continue to work from home for a variety of reasons – children without day care, greater productivity
  • Others may wish to don a mask or wash their hands frequently to ensure greater safety – it will be wise to allow people to do what they need to do for personal
  • In the workplace continue to practice social distancing – keep desks apart, separate from others in meetings

Things to consider if you are an employee:

  • Your supervisor may be experiencing the same challenges as you – lack of child care, worry about the future of the organization, or even their own role
  • Be kind – everyone is on edge, some more fearful than others with everyone handling the stress in their own way
  • Keep yourself a safe distance from others, cough into your sleeve and stay home if you have a fever
  • Work diligently, whether at a workplace or at home – if at home be sure to set aside a quiet place to work so you can focus more readily
  • Seek ways to enhance the workplace

No one knows for sure what the future may look like – businesses are closing, businesses are reinventing themselves and others are resuming business although in a different manner than before. As we all walk through this pandemic together let us be thankful for the opportunities which present themselves.

What are you doing to prepare yourself to return to the workplace in part or in full? You are responsible for your actions and your actions alone.

Life is a series of choices, and now we may see our lives differently than perhaps we did only a few months ago. How do you want to show up as the world moves forward?

Sherry’s CORNER

Social distancing has become the norm. Walking around our beautiful Wascana Park is a one way trek these days! People will step off the pathway to ensure a proper distance from one another. People taking care of other people is always good to see. And, of course, in doing so they are taking care of themselves as well.

What about you? What are you seeing these days in terms of social distancing?

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