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I’m an owner of a small accounting firm. As the owner, my responsibility includes all management decisions. These decisions include, almost any things, new service and ultimately what I want my company to look like. My staff ideas and suggestions only go so far. It’s my company and my future on the line. I sought out Sherry’s coaching services for many reasons. First, the experience, skills and knowledge that Sherry herself has to offer from owning and operating her own businesses. Sherry is relatable. She also walks her talk! I’m a procrastinator when it comes to certain business functions. Setting goals annually is a norm for me. Sherry helps me break these goals down and figure out the path I need to take, plus offering me an outside perspective on the details of the path. I’m no different than many other entrepreneurs. I can excuse myself when I’m not accountable for my own deadlines. Knowing I have a timeframe set by Sherry makes me more accountable. I highly recommend Sherry.

Sherry Knight is an incredible coach and I am so grateful to have her on my team both professional and personally. Sherry has the ability to bring to light what is important, followed with what is the next step to take so I can accomplish my goals. At the end of every single conversation I have had with Sherry, I am left with a sense of confidence and direction to what I need to do to focus on. Sherry Knight is nurturing yet “hold you to it” attitude is what I need to gain the success that I am working towards.

This time with you and the group these last 5 days has put light on my purpose and my path to achieve my purpose because I am equipped to do so. My Higher Power has put the necessary tools and people with me to achieve. Thank you and this group for your huge role in turning on my Purpose Light!

The organization I work for at present, hired Sherry Knight to help them fill the position of an Executive Director. After I was hired as the Executive Director, I went through coaching with Sherry Knight for the first six months which helped me to build up my confidence to be a better leader in my organization. She provided the environment to motivate me to become a better manager by working together on the skills building. When I took over the organization the turnover was high (about 60%) and after my training the turn over of staff has reduced to 3% and staff are finding it refreshing to work with such a leader.

I had been struggling with my career development and not having defined goals for my life. While I was going through feelings that I was not part of my work team and lacking confidence in expressing myself, it was terrific to meet Sherry with her positive attitude and unstoppable enthusiasm. Sherry helped me believe in myself and inspired me to work towards my goals. She guided me in developing leadership skills and learning techniques to improve confidence. I am proud to have received great feedback from my manager and senior leadership, as well as more opportunities to work on complex projects. I could not be more grateful for the benefits and results achieved while working with Sherry.

My relationships have improved 300% since I have applied the principles you taught me.

Ten years ago, you gave a presentation on proper hiring and interviewing skills. Your core questions turned around our interviewing into a professional and thorough proces. We changed our hiring skills forever.

Your skill and leadership kept us on track. We completed the two-day session with new insights and resources. I am so pleased with the results as well as the team building you facilitated to successfully.

You don’t cost us money, You make us money.

Sherry at Dimension 11 was able, through her coaching to help me go from an Operations Manager to a General Manager. Her Coaching has helped me not only in my professional life but also in my personal life to be a better person. Thank you, Sherry!

I had the pleasure of dealing with Sherry Knight of Dimension 11. She not only did her job but was actually concerned for my well-being and final results. She made it convenient to visit with me and even came to my house one time. Her experience in resume writing helped me build not only a strong one but correct in the finest details. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any business or individual that needs the help.

This will be a team effort going forward as the GTH strives to implement the information learned during the sessions which were extremely valuable. The one-on-one coaching allowed personnel to get coaching for themselves and how to deal with their colleagues.

Please know that I consider myself incredibly lucky to have met you. During my time at Dimension 11, you have been a great teacher for me. You allowed me to take the path that I desired, and even more importantly you provided me with the room for failure, even when it could have cost you in different ways. Allowing an individual to learn by doing speaks volumes about your commitment and trust in people. It is very difficult to find people like you and John, who truly care about the well being of others around them.

I asked for the help of Sherry Knight and DIMENSION 11 because I was having a very hard time trying to find work where I live. With COVID-19 active in our lives, it makes job searching even more difficult. I have acquired Sherry’s advice in the past and had amazing results so Dimension 11 was the obvious choice. She helped me rebuild and reshape my resume and gave excellent advice on cover letters and key points that an employer looks for. The result of all that hard work was finding myself employed with a well-respected business in the community. I owe Sherry and Dimension 11 my thanks and I would definitely recommend them to anybody that had the same struggles I had.

Starting a business has many hurdles to jump over; I know a great deal about safety, business, not so much. Knowledge is golden, and I needed more. With a little over a year in on my own, I knew I needed to implement new processes to move my business forward, and I couldn’t do it alone, I needed someone to help me be accountable. Then I met Sherry Knight. She helped me see the things I needed to implement and follow up to make my business grow. Being part of her Mastermind helped me make cold calls, something I am not comfortable doing, and to focus on setting up the systems I need to continue to connect with clients and prospective clients. Although the impact of the lockdown of COVID-19 is slowly diminishing, I’m prepared to move my business forward, and I have already doubled the number of days I am working with clients. That’s a great start!

It can be difficult to commit to a career change after a long time in the same position. Listening to Sherry’s ‘Knight Views’ radio program on CJTR provided me with useful information and food for thought that helped me prepare for, and transition into the next phase of my career.

Thank you for all your advice and guidance during my job hunting process. It’s always nice to have an independent professional like you to consult along the way. From resume review, interview, follow-up email to salary negotiation, you provided excellent service and helped me land a great job. You are always approachable even when you are on vacation or weekends. I would recommend you to anyone who is in a career transition period.

Excellent and accurate feedback! You are an amazing Regina and Beyond asset. Your ongoing ability to coach and provide uplift.

Sherry’s enthusiasm, support, and guidance were exactly what I hoped for from an executive coach. Her astute observations of the work place interactions and ability to discuss successes and potential issues in a blunt yet constructive manner is obviously a talent she has honed through years of experience. Sherry has helped me become a more effective leader and has provided me with the organizational skills I need to keep my momentum going throughout the day and to ensure that what I am doing at any given time is the best use of my time.

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