Career Development

Career Development

We all have been there, done that. There is more to job searching than simply sending your resume to a computer system hundreds of times over and over. Similarly, career advancement means more than trying to convince your boss it is you who deserves that promotion which just “may” happen “sometime” down the road.

Take control of your career, today. We’ll show you how.


  • As a recruiter Sherry knows exactly what employers are looking for so you can create your package to suit their needs and get your resume noticed.
  • Job searching is frustrating – you can sleep better at night knowing you have put in your day’s searching in a practical and valuable manner.
  • Getting a job is one thing and knowing how to keep it is another that will keep you bringing in a steady income in order to lead the life you know you deserve.


Whether it is finding your first job or catching the opportunity for your big break, we coach you throughout the process. This is almost always a three-part procedure:

  • We help you develop a meaningful, attainable and effective Career Strategy.
  • We ensure you are equipped with a high-quality Resume, impressive Interview skills and result-generating Networking capabilities. Using this toolkit, you will be able to walk towards your Career Strategy with confidence.
  • Through face-to-face or online meetings, we review your progress to make sure you’re on track to success!

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