Tessa was in a job she loved, yet the pay was peanuts. She stayed because she knew that what she did was valuable, to her clients as well as to the organization. And she loved going home each evening knowing she had made a difference in her client’s lives.

The day came when she had to leave her apartment – she just couldn’t afford it even though it was close enough that she could walk to work and save money on transportation.

She was afraid of leaving the comfort of this position until she was forced to. Fear of the unknown can keep us from making decisions that are helpful.

When was the last time you feared achieving your goal? Yes, there are so many times we fail to get where we want to get to – possibly because we are so afraid that we don’t even try. Guilty!

Most recently, I was at my computer and I couldn’t connect to the internet – PANIC! What did I do wrong, what if I couldn’t get it connected? I’d never get my work done, I could lose a client who needed some work done, my business would be done! You know the feeling, the world is falling apart – nothing will ever be okay again.

Yes, I know it’s irrational, and so do you, yet when we panic… well, you know what happens. For me, it’s technology. For you it might be speaking in front of an audience, or dogs, or cats or whatever.

It’s important to realize how it makes you feel. For me, I’ve realized it’s that feeling of being a failure. Yes, my head understands I don’t need to be successful in all areas and yet my heart obviously feels differently. It’s that feeling that my emotions are out of whack when fear takes over. What is for you?

If you want to help yourself overcome your fears and be unstoppABLE, then consider the following:

  • The very first thing to do is to realize you have a fear
  • Consider why you are afraid – is it shame, not feeling good enough, failure, lack of control
  • Fears cause fight or flight responses and often cause paralysis – we do nothing
  • Choosing to move forward is an important step – it won’t necessarily be easy, just necessary
  • Choose the day and time you’ll take that giant step or at least the first physical step to the result you are after
  • Share the path with someone you trust that will support your decision and your efforts
  • Decide before you take the action as to how you will celebrate your success – a specialty coffee, a call to your best friend, a fist punch – it doesn’t matter what, it only matters that you visualize it before you take the step

That’s it, easier said than done, I know. However, it does mean you can get a handle on doing things outside your comfort zone because now you recognize your fears and are prepared to do something about it.

Get at it! What fear are you going to start with? Just take the first step.

Sherry’s CORNER

Are you seeing security in grocery stores lately? I am! It’s interesting … in one store the young (yes, they all seem to be young) man looks you in the eye, holds the look, then passes his glance over to someone else. In another store, the young man, smiles, looks you in the eye and welcomes you to the store and your shopping experience.

In thinking of the difference between the two experiences I realize both approaches do the job – to stop theft. Yet, one way leaves you feeling comfortable and the other leaves you feeling that you’ve done something wrong.

Have you had this experience? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Please email me at sherry@dimension11.com.

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