A new decade will soon be upon us! Imagine, at the end of the 1900’s we were worrying about Y2K – what was going to happen to our computers when the dates rolled over to 2000. In the end it was a moot point – nothing happened.

And yet, what has happened since? As we enter this new decade, have you decided what results you want in your life, your family, your work, your company? To live a richer life, the onus is on us! We must decide what it is we want to achieve before we can begin to live that richer life.

Do you want to slim down, get a promotion, start a business, have a more rewarding family life – there is no right answer, there is only the answer that leads you to focusing and working towards what it is you want. So, let’s look at this from a perspective of how do we live richer in 2020.

Let’s kick start 2020:


  • That’s step one – decide what kind of year you want in 2020 or else you may end up with the same kind of year you had in 2019
  • Be specific – to get a promotion isn’t specific – to become the Regional Director in company xxx by September 30, 2020 is specific
  • Write it down and post it where you will regularly see it

Give up

  • What are you going to refuse to get caught up in during the next decade
  • If your decision has been to spend more time with your family, what is it you will refuse to allow to disrupt the time you set aside for family – is it no to Friday night with the boys? Is it no to overtime although it will bring in more cash? Is it no to the piece of chocolate cake offered at the family Sunday dinners?
  • Your decision about the richer life you want to live in 2020 will invariably mean there are things to give up to achieve what you want

What stops you

  • There are things in our lives that hold us back and those things are generally self imposed – feeling of not being good enough, of being too busy, of allowing others to hijack our intentions and the list goes on
  • Take a moment and write down those things that stop you in your tracks so you fully recognize them
  • Then, when one of those things that generally stops you rears its head, you can recognize it and choose to not let it stop you

Reach out

  • Rarely are we the only one that has ever had these challenge – reach out to others – (people you don’t know) and ask how they deal with those situations
  • If you choose people from different walks of life, you will find they have had different experiences and thus will come at your situation differently
  • Look at how they chose to solve the situation – should you copy it? Probably not, just massage it and make it work for you

2020 is your opportunity to shine in whatever way you want! Sara wanted her business to grow – so towards the end of 2019 she started to put a plan in place. As we go to print on this blog, Sara has already made adjustments and increased her revenue – imagine what 2020 will be like when she comes to this time next year!

Start today! You can make your 2020 richer!

Sherry’s CORNER

This is the time of year to reflect on all the wonderful things that have happened to you in 2019. Yes, it is often easier to dwell on the “ain’t it awful” stuff that has occurred. Yes, bad things happen to everyone.

Rather than that focus on what went well this past year. Did you see a son or daughter blossom, get a raise, find a new job, visit a new place, enjoy improved health? Whatever it is, rejoice in the pleasure of that experience.

And, as we here at Dimension 11 close out this year we wish you all a heart-felt Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with family, friends and joyous celebrations for however you choose to enjoy this time of year.

We would love to hear what has been a shining light in your life this year.

Please email me at

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