Saskatchewan has experienced lower rates of COVID-19 than many places in the world. Yet, it still causes grave concerns for everyone! Parents worried about sending children to school. Employers worried about bringing a full complement of staff back to the workplace. Customers worried about entering businesses. People even worried about walking in the streets and parks.

Regardless of what it is one does, COVID-19 has taken so much out of everyone! The fact that so many are self-isolating means we are not spending time with others. Family, friends, associates – it doesn’t matter – everyone is doing their part to keep isolated and stay healthy.

So, what can one do to stay connected when you can’t get that close? A few ideas to help stay connected with friends, loved ones and co-workers:

  • Phone is how many like to connect – use the camera to see who you are talking with if possible
  • Zoom is a great way to see who you are talking to
  • There are various methods for work teams to connect
  • Leave small gifts for someone on their steps – flowers, chocolates, ice-cream, magazines, games, puzzles, take-out food – be sure to call and let them know something is there
  • When you call ask what people are doing, how the pets, kids, parents, employees are – it shows how much you are thinking and caring about them
  • Cook or bake a favorite food and drop it off to someone you know – you could even do it as a Secret Someone to encourage a bit of fun
  • If you have younger children have them create art work and deliver it to shut ins or tape it to your own windows to brighten the landscape for everyone
  • Kids are feeling isolated too – the computer is a great way to learn, relax and stay connected – just be careful to help them navigate the dark side of the internet
  • If you are an employer stay in touch with each staff member every day or two – as mentioned earlier ask them about their personal life, mention the things they are doing right as well as talking about work
  • Find a pen pal (do check out the other person thoroughly before commencing a connection) to share information between cities and countries

You may have already implemented all or some of these ideas – perhaps this is simply a reminder of keeping in touch with people. People are often feeling isolated so do what you can to ensure those you know are experiencing this with less challenge.

If you have other ideas to share, please email me and I will ensure your ideas are shared with others. This is a time for each of us to help each other – one way or another – if you know what another likes then it’s easy! When you don’t know, it’s okay to ask!

Above all, be kinder and more compassionate during this time when so many are feeling vulnerable and there is more fear around than we generally see. Stay safe out there!

Sherry’s CORNER

Remembrance Day is celebrated on November 11. The day World War I ended and our hope is we never will have a third world war. In Swift Current and Regina, Saskatchewan the city’s staff have painted  poppies on some of the cross walks to remind us of the importance of the day.

This year we won’t be going to the cenotaph as we have for the last few decades. Instead, we will watch the ceremonies on TV with the rest of the world. Hoping and praying the world can find peace and that the unrest we are experiencing in the world can be settled.

How will you spend November 11 this year?

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