Life will never be the same! I’m like most, home 24/7 except when necessary to go out – groceries, medications and walks in the park. Drawers and closets cleaned that haven’t been touched in ages. Connecting with family, friends and clients via phone or Zoom. Life has certainly changed!

Even when the world begins to recover, COVID-19 may mean continued social distancing, seniors shopping before the stores open, walking one way in the parks that are open, and the business world having more people work from home being better for the environment.

How have you showed up during this pandemic? Have you become a hermit? Not connecting with friends or family? Watching too much TV? Or are you the one who is using your computer to learn a new skill? Enhancing an old skill? Ensuring neighbours are okay? Exercising indoors?

Everyone shows up! The question is, “How do you want to show up?” You see, unless we are conscious about how we want to show up we may not be the true person we want to be. It takes considering who we want to be in this life we lead. Ask yourself questions so you are conscious about:

  • What motivates me?
  • What people do I want to have in my life?
  • What will I do to help others?
  • What type of job do I want?
  • What skills do I need to get?
  • How will I dress for the life I want?
  • What grooming will show the person I am?
  • What behaviours do I need to do differently?
  • What plan will I put in place to live the rest of my life by?

This pandemic has changed the world, how we look at life and, in many cases, how we look at ourselves! In reality, it is an opportunity to look at ourselves and show up differently if that is what we choose.

There are all kinds of challenges, like the young couple (Mike and Tracy) who have both lost their jobs – will those jobs be available in the future or do they need to relook at their opportunities? Or what about (Tony’s) family who spent Easter alone (just the 3 of them) when usually the house is full of all 40 of the relatives? Times are different and that means all kinds of differences going into the future.

Life in the future may never be exactly the same as it was in the past. It is our time to show up to life in the way we want – yet in order to do that we must know how we want to show up.

Life is a series of choices, and now we may see our lives differently than perhaps we did only a few months ago. How do you want to show up as the world moves forward?

Sherry’s CORNER

It’s been a wild few weeks in lockdown here in Saskatchewan and will remain so for another week and then a slow return to a new life.

During this time I have noticed two ends of the spectrum – some so fearful they will not look at you, smile at you or even talk to you – from a distance, of course, while I shop. Then there are those who give eye contact, smile and even share a few words. Total strangers coming together in this time where we need to connect, to know we are okay.

What are you witnessing out there – for yourself and with others?

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