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Dimension 11 helped a wide variety of organizations and individuals enhance their People, Performance and Profits.

One hour with you is priceless. You brought/solidified all the learning.”
- Dr. Ulwyn, Executive Coach & Consultant

Sherry and John came to China and met with our clients describing the value of career development, a field not common in China. Their vast background spoke to the advantages of building a strong brand by recognizing the need to assist employees in deciding their future.
Since they worked with our team and our clients, we have found many more opportunities to provide executive coaching to individuals. It has helped us continue to be of greater service to our clients.”

- Simon Wan, Chief Executive, Cornerstone International Group

According to a survey, 89% of respondents have found Sherry as a presenter was above average or excellent.
Since we booked her, she has been very interested in building rapport and in getting to know our organization, branch and staff… to get a holistic view of this organization… that provided her the ability to tailor the presentation to meet our needs.
She has an amazing ability to connect with the audience through humour and thought-provoking insights.
After her presentation we have already seen improvement within our branch and staff are able to work more cohesively with customer service in mind: additional recognition using our iCare system, staff promotions, a sense of a large team environment and referrals from our customers.
I would recommend her services in the future.”

- Tharani Rajeswaran, Learning and Development Specialist, The Regional Municipality of York

“I appreciate your help and your eye to detail and your spelling and punctuation! You have definitely turned my resume into the professional realm.”
- Jeff Hutton

“I came to Dimension 11 Ltd. expecting to get suggestions as to where to apply for a job. Little did I know my career path would get a complete overhaul.”
- Tracy

“Giving the extremely short notice we were very impressed by the content and relevancy of your topic.”
- Brenda, Executive Secretary, University of Regina

“In the two months following the seminars, sales increased almost 30% over the same period the previous year.”
-Glenn Butler, Fifth Avenue Collection

“My relationships have improved 300% since I have applied the principles you taught me.”
-Amy Nelson Mile, Nelson Communications

“Ten years ago you gave a presentation on proper hiring and interviewing skills. Your core questions turned our interviewing into a professional and thorough process. . . . We changed our hiring skills forever.”
-Karmen Bernt, Manager, Future Print

“Excellent workshop on team building . . . The working atmosphere in the office has improved since the workshop and continues at a higher level.”
-Terry Craig, Vice President – Prairie Region, Farm Credit Corporation

“Your skill and leadership kept us on track. We completed the two-day session with new insights and resources. I am so pleased with the results as well as the team building you facilitated so successfully.”
-Carol Schaad, General Manager, SK Parks & Recreation Association

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