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Talent Retention

“Your skill and leadership kept us on track. We completed the two-day session with new insights and resources. I am so pleased with the results as well as the team building you facilitated so successfully.”
-Carol Schaad, General Manager, SK Parks & Recreation Association

The people employed by your organization are its most important asset.
Time spent training and familiarizing employees with your organization is an investment that needs to be carefully cultivated. The fact is highly qualified people have options – and they know it.
You need to work harder than ever as an organization to make sure your employees feel recognized and valued.
Dimension 11 will demonstrate – and help you implement – talent retention techniques employed by some of the world’s top companies – techniques designed to motivate, inspire and ensure the best possible return on your human capital investment!

Talent Development & Organizational Training

Sherry and John came to China and met with our clients describing the value of career development, a field not common in China. Their vast background spoke to the advantages of building a strong brand by recognizing the need to assist employees in deciding their future.
Since they worked with our team and our clients, we have found many more opportunities to provide executive coaching to individuals. It has helped us continue to be of greater service to our clients.”

- Simon Wan, Chief Executive, Cornerstone International Group

Talent development is key to the effectiveness of any workplace.
This has never been truer than in today’s rapidly evolving workplace where organizations that fail to adapt get left behind, and those that embrace new knowledge prosper.
Dimension 11 employs skilled coaches and facilitators adept in all areas of talent development. We employ the full resources of CPI (Career Partners International) and other world leading training and assessment tools.
Skillsoft™ and other innovative courseware products make learning fun and can be customized for organizations to fit their objectives.
Talk to us about:
-Manager as Coach™
-Five Dysfunctions of a Team™
-Mid-Career Checkup™
-Workplace Diversity™
-New Horizons Retirement Coaching™
...and more!

Recruitment for Businesses

Finding the right person or people can be a challenge. Ensure the time you invest in this process pays dividends by retaining Dimension 11 to:
-Save your organization time and money
-Identify the “right people”
-Reduce disruption and costs associated with high turnover
-Increase retention levels
-Sell your organization, it’s culture and the position you seek to highly qualified prospect

“Ten years ago you gave a presentation on proper hiring and interviewing skills. Your core questions turned our interviewing into a professional and thorough process. . . . We changed our hiring skills forever.”
-Karmen Bernt, Manager, Future Print

Talent Coaching

According to a survey, 89% of respondents have found Sherry as a presenter was above average or excellent.
Since we booked her, she has been very interested in building rapport and in getting to know our organization, branch and staff… to get a holistic view of this organization… that provided her the ability to tailor the presentation to meet our needs.
She has an amazing ability to connect with the audience through humour and thought-provoking insights.
After her presentation we have already seen improvement within our branch and staff are able to work more cohesively with customer service in mind: additional recognition using our iCare system, staff promotions, a sense of a large team environment and referrals from our customers.
I would recommend her services in the future.”

- Tharani Rajeswaran, Learning and Development Specialist, The Regional Municipality of York

Coaching bridges the growing chasm between what workers are being asked to do and what they’ve been trained to do. Everybody stands to benefit from coaching: leaders, executives, managers, even those toiling away in the lower rungs of an organization
Coaching adds value to an organization by equipping key personnel to teach, motivate, inspire and offer the the type of guidance that is so critical to the success of any organization, regardless of size or position in the marketplace.
Working with Dimension 11, you can expect:
-A customized approach tailored to the needs of your organization
-To increase the value of your organization through its most important resource – people
-Personnel with a clearer understanding of the goals of the organization
-Personnel who can effectively assume the role of brand ambassadors for your organization
-Personnel who routinely inspire and motivate colleagues and associates


“I came to Dimension 11 expecting to get suggestions as to where to apply for a job. Little did I know my career path would get a complete overhaul.”
- Tracy

Whether through downsizing, layoffs or corporate restructuring, Career Transition can be a stressful situation.
Working closely with our clients, Dimension 11′s trained counsellors employ “best practices” to ease the transition process and minimize disruption in the workplace.
For some individuals, retirement might be an option and in this regard, Dimension 11 has much to offer with programs designed to specifically help in the process.
Dimension 11′s Talent Outplacement services balance the needs of the organization and affected individuals.
Dimension 11′s Talent Outplacement services include:
-One-on-One Counselling
-Team-Based Workshops
-Diagnostic Profiling
-Résumé Assessment
-Job Interview Skills Development
-24/7 Access to an Online Career Portal

Organizational Development

“In the two months following the seminars, sales increased almost 30% over the same period the previous year.”
-Glenn Butler, Fifth Avenue Collection

Is your organization getting the most from it’s human resource investment? Sometimes it isn’t enough to employ talented people. Providing an organizational framework that allows personnel to realize their full potential is every bit as important as the professional qualifications that each member of your organization possesses.
This can range from:
-Ensuring personnel at every level possess the right knowledge essential to the roles and responsibilities for which they were hired
-Improved methods of communication between management, staff and other key players
-Elimination of organizational redundancies – better accountability
-Promotion of organizational goals
-Diversity management
-Implementation of systems designed to optimize learning and retention
-Laying the groundwork for future organizational growth
-Diagnostic analysis – what’s working? what’s not?
-Identifying and removing inefficiencies within a workplace – undo bad habits
-Putting into place processes designed to ensure a positive work environment and happy, highly-motivated workforce
Dimension 11 works closely with organizations of every size to streamline operational workflow and develop efficiencies designed to help them maximize the return on their human investment.

“I really wanted to start a business but I just didn’t know how to go about it. That’s when I connected with Sherry Knight at Dimension 11 through a mutual associate. And I am so glad I did! She provided the direction and structure I needed to start my business.   Besides that, she helped me through stressful times – starting a business is not as easy as I thought it might be I have discovered. She guided me through the nerve-wracking process of reaching out and talking to others which is something, as a bit of an introvert, that I do not find easy.   Today, I am glad to say I have a business, I have a plan on moving forward. And we accomplished all this in a few short months. Thank you Sherry, without your guidance I would still be trying to figure out a business and instead I am IN BUSINESS.”
-George Tatulea, George Tatulea Marketing

Tools for Business Enhancement

Retention Booster

The Three Ps of Growth

“Starting a business has many hurdles to jump over; I know a great deal about safety, business, not so much. Knowledge is golden, and I needed more. With a little over a year in on my own, I knew I needed to implement new processes to move my business forward, and I couldn't do it alone, I needed someone to help me be accountable. Then I met Sherry Knight. She helped me see the things I needed to implement and follow up to make my business grow. Being part of her Mastermind helped me make cold calls, something I am not comfortable doing, and to focus on setting up the systems I need to continue to connect with clients and prospective clients. Although the impact of the lockdown of COVID-19 is slowly diminishing, I'm prepared to move my business forward, and I have already doubled the number of days I am working with clients. That's a great start!”
-Cathy Glasser, Glasser Safety Services

At Every Project, Dimension 11 Clients Enjoy:

Visible Results

Dimension 11 projects yields visible results which starts enhancing your benefits immediately.

Effective Use of Time

Short on time? Dimension 11 is ready to assist at any pace, adjusting according to clients' schedule.

Custom-Made Solutions

The modular structure of Dimension 11's programs allow clients the freedom of choosing what they need, and how they need it.

A Guarantee of Great Fit

Clients receive a post-project follow-up and evaluation to make sure results are in par with the expectations.

Career Partners International

Career Partners International

Dimension 11 is an equity partner firm of Career Partners International (CPI), one of the world’s largest and most successful global providers of Talent Management solutions. This team includes over 1600 highly experienced professionals offering industry leading HR strategies, offering the best delivery coverage of any provider with 300 offices in 47 countries.

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