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Knight Views

Knight Views is a journal published monthly by Dimension 11, Saskatchewan’s human resource specialists. The links below will take you to the most recent issues.

September 2019: You Want Me to Report to a Kid?

August 2019: Do I Need Goals?

July 2019: Who's Job Is It Anyway?

June 2019: Why Be Authentic?

May 2019: Everybody's Talking About Agility

April 2019: Does Family Have a Place at Work?

March 2019: Can Diversity Create a More Productive Team?

February 2019: It's the Thoughts that Count

January 2019: Positive Moves for Success

December 2018: Get Ready, It Is a Tsunami

November 2018: Is It Time for a New Look?

October 2018: Got Bullying in Your Workplace?

September 2018: Only Read This If You Want To Be Successful At Work

August 2018: Hiring Someone Over 45 – You’re Kidding

July 2018: Work Shouldn't Be Done, Should it?

June 2018: Whose Career is This?

May 2018: What are They Thinking!

April 2018: First Class Service

March 2018: Shaping Change

February 2018: Is Onboarding a Waste?

January 2018: Bullying! Is it in Your Workplace?

December 2017: What’s Your Story?

November 2017: Everybody has Fears. Right?

October 2017: 5 Mistakes Leaders Make When Presenting

September 2017: Why Now Is the Right Time to Hire Aboriginal People

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